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100% French Made. 100% Fully Forged.

Why we make it here

Thiers, France is one of the few regions left in the world that still makes 100%, fully forged knives. And they have been doing so for over 700 years. Using a combination of French techniques that have been mastered over generations and our research and design process, we created the perfect chef's knife.

Why we love it here

The French are synonymous with culinary perfection and their knife making tradition is no different. Our factory is so hyper-focused on 100% perfection that they make sure everything is produced locally, down to the French rivets that secure our handle. Most knives these days cover up their real makers by shipping European Steel to factories in Asia. We're an open book and excited to show you what knife artistry really looks like.

8 Inch Chef Knife

Inspired by tradition and innovation, Made In partnered with a family-owned, 5th generation knife maker from the knife capital of the world to create a fully-forged, nitrogen-treated chef knife. Hammered from one single rod of nitrogen-treated, premium X50CrMoV15 metal, this knife achieves a Rockwell score of 58-60 and will become the star in your knife block.

The materials

Normally you have to choose between a hard and durable blade, or an easy to clean knife. We've solved this issue. We use a premium, X50CrMoV15 metal, then add a proprietary nitrogen hardening process to the metal. This gives you a knife with a longer lasting blade, without the clean up mess of additional carbon to the stainless steel. Voila!

Made In Chef Knife 8 Inch
Made In Forging Process

The Forging Process

Made In is the only direct-to-consumer brand that goes through a 100%, fully forged knife making process. No laser cutting or welding here. Our forged knife process takes a single rod of nitrogen hardened stainless steel, and turns it into a knife by heating it up and hammering it into its final shape over multiple rounds. This creates a hardened blade with perfect metal structure for a long lasting, ultra-sharp knife.