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Handcrafted in Guadalajara

Product designers Marcela and Tania Medina, our collaborators on the Duplo Design x Made In Collection, describe the meticulous design process—which was informed by craftspeople and their expertise—as the “humanity” behind our collaboration. As consumers, we’re all prone to prioritizing performance and aesthetics over how, where, or why something was made, but as Tania explains, “the product’s story isn’t just about the art design. It's all of the people involved, too.”

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duplo x made in molcajete
duplo tequileros with stand
duplo molcajete
duplo molcajete construction
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Modern Design

Where the archetypal Molcajete has 3 tripod-like legs carved from the same chunk of basalt used for the rest of it, we worked with Duplo Design to develop a legless version featuring a cork base.

Local Tradition

“We want to tell a story so that this piece is not only just another art object,” says Marcela. And of course, the standards are exacting—on average, the sisters disqualified 1 out of every 3 pieces for some perceived flaw or defect.

duplo x made in medina sisters

Natural Materials

Traditional vessels for enjoying tequila or mezcal, these tequileros are carved from volcanic rock sourced just miles away from the Duplo studio.

duplo tequileros with stand

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