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CNBC Top 100 Startup
Move Aside All-Clad: This Startup's Cookware Is Just as Great, for Half the Price
Thousands of 5-Star Customer Reviews
Trusted by Michelin-starred restaurants across the country
These 5-ply pans are killer heat conductors...turning out perfectly browned crepes.

Why buy Made In?

Premium materials

Our carbon steel and stainless steel cookware are forged from premium American metals with high nickel content. That’s just the first step toward clean, safe, high-performance cookware that fights corrosion and lasts a lifetime.

World-class craftsmanship

We use centuries-old techniques and third-generation artisanal partners to craft our cookware products. Every pot, pan, and skillet is built with quality you can see and feel.

Trusted by the best

Three-star Michelin restaurants (think Le Bernardin in NYC and Alinea in Chicago) rely on our quality cookware every day. If you’re trying to build a world-class kitchen, trust the professionals!

Incredible prices

Our innovative business model skips the retailers, resellers, and distributors to bring you incredible savings. Throw in our special coupon code for an even deeper discount!

Built for your needs

Whether you’re looking for a complete 14-piece cookware set or just a simple fry pan, we’ve got you covered. The Made In shopping experience is flexible and personalized, so you’re never stuck paying for cookware products you don’t use.

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Our Collections

Not sure where to start? Browse out collections below and see what strikes you fancy.

Stainless Clad

Stainless Clad

Unsurpassed in performance and durability, stainless steel is the first choice material for chefs across the planet. Our high-quality 18/10 steel is sourced from premium, nickel-rich ores right here in the USA. That gives our pots and pans their brilliant shine, makes them a breeze to clean, and guarantees the safety of your food (i.e. no toxins or heavy metals leaching into your cooking).

Our stainless steel cookware is built from 5 thick layers of alternating steel and aluminum - a lightweight metal with superior heat transfer qualities. That means you get lightning-fast, even heating across your cooking surface - whether you’re looking for a quick water boil or perfectly browned pancakes. And of course, our smooth handles are designed to feel good in your palm while staying cool to the touch.

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Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel

When professional chefs want a nonstick pan, they almost always reach for carbon steel - and for a good reason. It combines the durability and nonstick properties of cast iron with the fast, even heating of stainless steel. And it does all that without the toxic compounds (like PFOA and PTFE) that are common in conventional nonstick cookware

Our nonstick cookware is manufactured in France by an artisanal factory with hundreds of years of experience. And we think you’ll feel the quality difference the moment you pick it up. Unlike cast iron, it’s light and easy to handle - but that doesn’t mean it’s delicate. Carbon steel pans are renowned for their rugged durability, which is another reason they’re so popular in professional kitchens. Give it a whirl and be astonished by the smoothness, even crisping, and slide-off-the-pan slickness of natural carbon steel.

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Awards and Recognitions for Made In

Favorite Overall Cookware

“[Made In] offers some of the best deals on professional-grade pots, pans and knives. The company prides itself on using premium materials and top-notch manufacturers, yet it still prices its products low by avoiding resale, distributor and retail markups.”

Best Stainless Steel Cookware for Beginners in 2020

“Made-In's pots and pans are five-ply, meaning they're made with five layers of stainless steel and aluminum, so they heat evenly and are super durable.”

CNBC Upstart 100

“Referred to as ‘the Warby Parker of cookware,’ [Made In] cookware includes frying pans, saute pans, stock pots, saucepans and knives, among other products, made of stainless steel and carbon steel.”

Best Stainless-Steel Pots and Pans

“With their heavy bottoms and well-designed, easy-to-lift handles, the pots and pans from Made In became my most-used cookware during the two-week testing period. Since the cookware is made of brushed stainless steel rather than polished, it was easy to clean and keep clean.”

Changing the way Home Cooks and Professional Chefs Shop

“The founders of Made In, whose family have worked in kitchen supply for a century, wanted to create cookware that didn't cost a lot but was good enough for the rigors of a professional kitchen. They achieved the perfect balance of price, quality, and approachability with their products.”

2018 TIME Magazine Invention of the Year

“For years, inventors have tried to perfect the universal lid—that one-pot covering that could prevent all kinds of frantic cabinet searching. A new design from cookware brand Made In could be the answer.”

The Made In Story

You shouldn’t have to choose between cheap, flimsy cookware and overpriced luxury gear. But for too long, this ugly choice has been faced by professional kitchens and home chefs alike. And that’s why we founded Made In.

Created by two childhood friends with over a hundred years of family history in kitchen supply, Made In exists to bring top-quality cookware to the people who need it (that’s everyone!). We cut out the distributors and retailers and sell our world-class pots, pans, skillets, and woks directly to you. And with no middlemen taking a cut, we can keep our prices remarkably low.

Our cookware already been embraced by professional kitchens and restaurateurs across the globe - and we hope your kitchen is next. We also pride ourselves on incredible customer service, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line with your questions and comments.

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