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Chefs Ian & Krystal

Intero Restaurant - Austin, TX

Chef Ian followed the branzino with a scored, pan-fried squash. His party trick? Checkered knife cuts along the face of the squash (pan-down side) allowed the seasoning to hold in the squash while it pan-fried, giving it an abundance of flavor. Our video will be released soon.

To complete the meal, Ian showed us how to make the perfect risotto, a dish that has long been feared by home cooks. It turns out, with a little chicken stock, a lot of cheese, and some stirring, we can all master it. Our risotto video is on its way...stay tuned!

And don’t forget about the chocolate. Krystal heads up a chocolate counter at Intero (like those charming Italian cafes) featuring homemade chocolates and truffles. For our dinner party guests, she whipped up perfectly molded caramel truffles. Shown below, Krystal is giving her 3 QT saucier an ice bath to cool her caramel.

...And then it was time to host friends.