Chefs Ian & Krystal

Intero Restaurant - Austin, TX

We're partnering with our favorite professional chefs around the country (and world!) to bring their passion for food and cooking out of their restaurants and into their kitchens at home.

This month, we invited ourselves to a dinner party at the home of our favorite couple in Austin, TX: Intero co-owners and chefs Ian Thurwachter and Krystal Craig.

Both chefs have risen through the ranks in Austin while drawing attention and acclaim; Thurwachter at restaurants including Vespaio, Enoteca Vespaio, Lambert's, Josephine House, and Jeffrey's, and Craig at her store Crave Artisan Chocolate, as well as pastry making for some Austin hot-spots.

Throughout their careers, they've earned a reputation for combining classic flavors and natural and organic ingredients to create complex and delicious dishes and chocolates.

Sounds good, right? Keep reading (and watching!) to to meet Ian and Krystal and learn their cooking tips and techniques for hosting the ultimate dinner party, Intero-style.

Like all of their stand-out dishes at Intero, this dinner party menu relies on fresh ingredients, simple preparation, and proper technique.

Get ready for some pan-seared branzino, pan-roasted squash, a decadent risotto, and the perfect finishing touch: homemade caramel truffles.


The perfect entree for guests? Pan-seared branzino. It's fast, it's easy, and it's relatively inexpensive for a group of 6 or 8 people. Chef Ian used the Made In 10" Fry Pan (not the nonstick!) to get a perfectly crispy skin. Watch the dish come together in a little over three minutes.

Chef Ian followed the branzino with a scored, pan-roasted squash. His party trick? Checkered knife cuts along the face of the squash (pan-down side) allow the seasoning to hold in the squash while it pan-fried, giving it an abundance of flavor.

Watch Ian show us how to make the dish below or check out the step by step directions on how to pan roast summer squash.

To complete the meal, Ian showed us how to make the perfect risotto, a dish that has long been feared by home cooks. It turns out, with a little chicken stock, a lot of cheese, and some stirring, we can all master it. Our risotto video is on its way...stay tuned!

And don’t forget about the chocolate. Krystal heads up a chocolate counter at Intero (like those charming Italian cafes) featuring homemade chocolates and truffles. For their dinner party guests, she whipped up perfectly molded caramel truffles. We'll be sharing her recipe and video soon!

Shown below, Krystal gives her 3 QT saucier an ice bath to cool her caramel.

Now that you know what's for dinner (and how to make it), it's time to let them enjoy their dinner party.

Thanks, Ian and Krystal!

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