Cookware designed with the world's best chefs and artisans.

Phase 1: Ideation and Design

We rely on our team of award-winning chefs, who have each spent decades behind the stove in professional kitchens, to give us specific feedback on our initial designs. Each chef taps into their wealth of acquired knowledge to critique our prototypes, letting us know the features they want to keep, change, and add. Meet Made In's product advisors:
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Chef Grant Achatz

Three-Michelin-starred chef and regarded as one of the most experimental and innovative chefs in the world. We work directly with Chef Grant to redesign, rethink, and test our products. Alinea, one of the most demanding kitchens in the country, is fully outfitted with Made In cookware and it lives up to their daily restaurant rigor.

Chef Brooke Williamson

Top Chef champion and California legend. Chef Brooke is known for her beachside hotspots like Playa Provisions. She joined the Made In team in early 2019 and provides essential feedback to us on products ranging from our stainless steel cookware to our knives and butcher blocks.

Chef Tom Colicchio

Made In's first chef advisor, joining the team since inception. Chef Tom is widely known for his role as head judge and producer of Top Chef on Bravo and his New York City-based Craft hospitality group. Tom has helped refine design aspects of our products such as the rounded spine on our knife (to help combat blisters) and the unique appearance of our roasting pan that makes it easy to use but also able to act as a beautiful serving piece.

Phase 2: Refining and Production

We take all the notes from our product advisors and craft final design specs. These schematics are then passed along to our expert teams of world-renowned artisans for production. Using techniques and knowledge passed down across generations, our craftspeople always come back to us with a product that meets our exact specifications.
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Only The Best

Made In seeks out multi-generation, family-owned operations that have been in business for decades because they do things the right way. Every Made In product passes through the hands of time-tested craftspeople who know their stuff.

Phase 3: Rigorous Testing

Finally, we pass our artisans' handiwork back along to our product advisors for meticulous quality assurance testing and a final seal of approval. There's no "Cs get degrees" as far as our products are concerned; we never stop testing until we find out our cookware has been designed perfectly.
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Quality, Assured

Sometimes we get it right first try, other times it takes us a few more attempts. Either way we get there, every product that makes it onto our website has been tested and given the go-ahead by the world's most knowledgable cookware makers and chefs.

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