Upgrading your kitchen can be confusing

We’re here to bust the myths and help you outfit your kitchen. These are the most common questions that we get from our customers and our attempt to cut through the noise.


"Why should I spend money on premium cookware?"

Equating a $29 pan on Amazon with our $69 pan is just...well...wrong.

You don’t have to. You can make your own decisions. But do you really want to drop a $22 grass-fed filet into a worn-to-the-core import pan made of who knows what kind of metal? Cheap metal that can't hold heat can drop hundreds of degrees when a cold steak is dropped into it, making that crisp sear unattainable. At the end of the day investing in real, premium cookware will change the way each and every future meal tastes.

"I've never taken the plunge and bought premium cookware before until now! Loving the quality and style of these pans and the price point makes it much more accessible. Very happy with my safe, nonstick frying pan!"

David S.

"Bought a 10" nonstick fry and 2qt. sauce. I have a one word review. OUTSTANDING!!!!"

Robert S.

"This pan is a real joy to use. Great non-stick finish, even heat, cleans up easy. This is now my go-to pan whenever I need non-stick."

Kevin M.


"Why are all the best chefs adopting Made In in their kitchens?"

It has been a while since the cookware industry has been disrupted and chefs are noticing. From Grant Achatz's Alinea to Tom Colicchio's Small Batch, top restaurants around the country are using Made In.

"Will I really notice the difference?"

All 5 senses will know the difference between Made In cookware and the big box store stuff.

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"Is now the right time to buy new cookware?"

You’re on the forefront of the direct-to-consumer kitchenware movement

Premium kitchenware used to be boring and overpriced, but not anymore. We’ve seen the direct-to-consumer movement sweep the retail landscape for eyeglasses, then mattresses, with linens, bedding, and furniture following. Made In has brought this revolution to your kitchen.

"How does the direct-to-consumer model differ from traditional retail?"

You’re paying for product and customer service, not for their rent

Let’s go back to the $29 Amazon pan we were talking about. Traditionally, a manufacturer doubles the price of a product before selling it to a wholesaler. Wholesalers then mark up the product an additional 2.2 times to sell it to the public. That means that the producer of that $29 Amazon pan spent only $6 making it. We put anywhere from 4 to 10 times that amount into producing each one of our products, but since we’re skipping the middlemen our prices don’t need to be inflated.

"I've heard nonstick surfaces aren't safe. Is that still true?"

You’re living in the 90’s, man!

Not at all! What may or may not have been a fact-based scare back in the day seems to have carried over into today’s market. The non stick coating used on all Made In cookware is made without PFOA and is approved as safe by the FDA. More importantly, unlike ceramic coatings, ours won’t wear away after every use.

"But, I’m waiting until I get married."

What else are you saving ‘til marriage? You sleep and eat every day, but you’re probably not waiting for marriage to buy a bed and get a good night’s sleep.

Part of our mission is to remove the stigma that good cookware is so expensive that you need to wait to invest in it. Plus, if you’re not married, statistics say the best way to court a potential partner is to cook for them!

"I don't cook at home"

We’ve already explained why you should cook at home. We like going out on the town as much as the next person but at some point it’s nice to be able to cook at home. Especially if there is an apocalypse.

"What if I don’t like Made In?"

It would be crazy for us to say with 100% certainty that you’ll like Made In. If you don’t, it’s probably you, not us. But that being said, this is why we offer the 100 day trial on our core stainless steel cookware. These people weren’t sure either:

Over the years I have purchased AllClad and tin lined copper pans from Italy and Portugal. At first I thought that I would give Madein a try . Well the pan is every bit as good if not better than anything I have in my vast collection of cookware. Very impressive , easy to use and clean. Great weight, all my new pans in the future will be Madein. Thank you for a great product.

Russ B.

The Made In cookware is as solid as the Made In brand. I took a leap, went all in with the Kitchen Sink set and couldn’t be happier. Once I put my first pan on the stove, the quality and value were clear. As a consultant with chef clients, I know professional durability when I see it. Made In really has taken the utility of pro cookware and added beautiful style that makes your proud to have it in your home. Add in their friendly customer service — Made In has got something special going on.

William S.

Fantastic product. Evenly heats, handles are great and cleans up easily.

Mark J.


"It can’t be as good as those retail brands if it’s not as expensive."

The money we save not paying retailers is split between two places: (1) it's reinvested into the quality of the product and (2) the rest of the savings are passed along to you. Both ways, you win. Don't end up like this kid, who paid for overpriced cookware at retail:

"What if I need to return it?"

Two words: Free trial.

Reach out to us and we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label. We offer an industry best 45-day risk free trial on most items and pay for the return shipping.

"What if I have questions after my purchase?"

We believe the relationship starts, not ends, at the point of purchase.

Unlike retail stores, we'll support you long after your purchase. Have a question about how to care for your pan? Want to know what is the difference between different steak cuts? We're here to help.

Even the most expensive nonstick pans I have used in the past have felt cheap in comparison to my awesome blue Made-In nonstick skillet. This thing has exceptional heat control, a very sturdy and balanced feel, and looks amazing. I'm ordering a bigger size now.

David P.

Just got my Made In pans and they are awesome. They replaced the old hand-me-down pans I’ve had forever and for someone who didnt do that much cooking it’s amazing how big of a difference you actually notice. They look great on my shelf, work great, and I love the temperature guide on the bottom. Top notch all around.

Otto X.

I've been interested in cooking nearly all of my adult life. If you had asked me if I was using quality pans I would have told you that I was. That was before I ordered the Made In frying pan set. There is such an improvement in the quality and experience using these pans. Especially the non-stick which is an experience just short of divine. Not to mention they look sexy! I'll never be looking book.

Chad B.


"Is it hard to take care of nice cookware?"

100% of people use premium cookware for one of the following reasons: it cooks better or it looks better. We’ve designed our cookware to be easy to take care of: all Made In products are dishwasher safe and made from rust-resistant, durable metal. To take it one step further we even created a cleaner specifically designed for Made In cookware. We don’t necessarily use it every time we cook, but for the occasional deep clean to bring back the shine there’s nothing better.

"Is Made In better than cast iron?"

Cast Iron makes great pans, but stainless steel is really the winner

We love cast iron too...for certain dishes, but in our eyes cladded stainless is the best everyday pan.

"Cooking is about the chef, not the tools, right?"

One quote sums it up: “Cooking is an art, but all art requires knowing something about the techniques and materials” - Nathan Myhrvold

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