3 Reasons Why Beer Drinkers Obsess Over the Made In Beer Glass

When it comes to drinking beer, there is one glass that reigns supreme: The Made In Beer Glass. Learn more about why the Made In Beer Glass is obsessed over by beer drinkers around the world.

George Steckel|Aug 16, 2021

There can be many opinions in the kitchen...what heat you should cook scrambled eggs at, how much salt should you add to your pasta water, what oil you should use to sear a steak. The list goes on and on. But the one thing that everyone from beer aficionados to cicerones agree on is that the 

Made In Beer Glass

is the best glass for serving beer. Thanks to two Italian beer experts, Teo and Kuaska, this Beer Glass has gained immense popularity over the years. Here are the three reasons why beer drinkers obsess over the Made In Beer Glass.

Curved Lip and Angled Bowl

When looking at a Made In Beer Glass


the two noticeable characteristics are its wide, angular bowl and the curved lip. Both of these features are instrumental in making the beer drinking experience that much better. 

Similar to wine, a large portion of tasting beer is through the aromas it emits. That’s why it is necessary to have a mouth opening that is smaller than the bowl of the glass, which keeps the smells in the glass for a longer period of time.

The curved lip also allows your nose to perfectly nest itself in the glass when you’re taking a sip. That way you get to take a whiff of the piney, citrusy, or malty flavors while you drink the beer. It also encourages a head of foam to form, enhancing the aromas within the glass.

It’s Stemmed

How many times have you cracked open a cold beer, and then by the time you got down to the last few sips, it was warm? If the answer is anything more than zero, then you need a Made In Glass. Since our Beer Glass has a stem, the warmth from your hand is kept away from the bowl of the glass, allowing your beer to stay at its intended temperature for a longer period of time.

Perfect For Any Beer

The Made In Beer Glass does not pick favorites. Whether it’s a mango-y East Coast IPA, thick chocolatey stout, or a crisp afternoon lager, any beer served in a Made In Beer Glass will instantly taste better.

The Bottom Line

Drinking out of a can or bottle is fun and sometimes drinking out of a Made In Beer Glass isn’t always practical (like the beach or on a boat). But if you want to take your beer drinking seriously and want to stop drinking beer out of solo cups or your drinking glasses, then this Beer Glass is perfect for you. It instantly brings out the best of your beer and is obsessed by beer drinkers around the world.