Why Every Home Chef Should Have a Boning Knife

We sat down with Casey Jones from Salt & Time in Austin, Texas, to talk about our new boning knife and why she thinks every home chef should have one in their arsenal.

salt & time butcher

Can you introduce yourself and explain what your role is at Salt & Time?

My name is Casey Jones. I started here as a Butcher’s Apprentice and then worked my way up into a chicken buyer and meat cutter, focusing on whole pork. 

How often do you use a boning knife?

I use a boning knife 80% of the time. I use it a lot for fine-tuning cuts and breaking down chickens. 

What qualities do you look for in a boning knife? Why are these qualities so important when handling meat?

First, I look for a sanitary knife. Something that is easy to clean is essential. I also like a boning knife with a semi-flexible blade, which allows it to get under the silver skin and all the stuff you have to bone out. But you don’t want it too flexible, like a fish knife, or else it has no sturdy backing to it. It’s a nice fine balance. The Made In Boning Knife worked perfectly. It was flexible yet had a great sturdiness to it. 

what is a boning knife

How does having the ability to debone meat or trim meat open doors for what you can cook at home? 

Deboning and trimming meat at home is great since you get a fresher cut. If we do the trimming at Salt & Time, you really only have three days to cook it and eat it. If you do it at home, you get fresher edges, and it will taste a lot better.

What tips and tricks do you have for using a boning knife? Are there specific points on the blade that are better for some things?

Keep it sharp, especially if you’re doing a lot of cutting. Having your whole fist grabbing the handle is excellent for larger cuts, but if you’re working more precisely, using your pointer finger on top of the blade will give you more precision. The tapered point is used the most, as when you cut into something, this gives you the most control. The tapered point also allows you to get under the silver skin and slide the blade through the meat. 

What else can I use a boning knife for other than meat?

You can use a boning knife for cutting small things, like supreming an orange or lemon. Anything that needs fine-tuning or detail is a perfect task for a boning knife. 

boning knife uses

Anything else people should know about boning knives?

Boning knives are most popular with butchers. They work wonders with meat, and every cook has one in their knife roll. I think every home chef should have one, as well. 

The newest addition to our limited edition knife collection won’t be around for long. With a limited quantity made, once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. Get on our waiting list, and you’ll be notified once they’re available on the morning of Tuesday, March 30th at 10 ET. 

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