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Head Of Customer Service: Amanda Alvizo

Team Made In|May 18, 2019

Meet The Team at Made In HQ: Amanda Alvizo, Head Of Customer Service

If you've reached out to Made In, you've probably seen the name Amanda Alvizo in your inbox. Amanda is the head of Made In's Customer Service Team (and our office's ray of Texan sunshine). She responds to our customer emails twice as quickly as other companies in the industry, with over 50% of our emails getting an answer within the first hour.

We thought you should get to know the lovely lady on the other side of the screen who's answering all of your cookware questions and kitchen conundrums at lightening speed.

When did you start working in customer service and why?

My first customer service job was in 2006, doing technical support. I realized how much I love helping people overcome obstacles or issues, and there's nothing greater than resolving an issue that a customer thinks is unsolvable. In a lot of cases, I get to be not only the voice of the company for these customers, but I also get to be the voice of the customer for the company, taking requests and feedback as actionable items that as a company we can work on.

What's the best part of your job?

Can I give you two best parts? The first is the people I work with (awwww!)-I really couldn't ask for a more fantastic team! The second is simply the customers. I love getting to learn from our customers everything from creative ways they use their cookware that hadn't crossed my mind, to the reasons why they chose Made In.

What's your dream dinner party? Where are you, who's there, and what are you eating?

Last summer my whole family took a trip to the San Juan Islands in Washington State. I think my dream dinner party would be recreating that trip (a nice escape from the Texas heat!) with my parents, sisters, brothers-in-law, husband, and son. We would cook up local seafood and produce, probably burn something because we are so busy talking (I'm just being honest!), and sit around the table enjoying the company of family. In this dream, someone else does the dishes :).

When did you start cooking? Who did you learn from?

I started cooking in 2012 after I met my husband. He was a fantastic cook, and I hadn't cooked a day in my adult life. My competitive side kicked in and I had to learn to cook for him! I grew up watching my mom and Memaw cook, so I had good influences. Between what I learned from watching them and my lifeline, Pinterest, I became a good enough cook that I haven't made him sick yet!

What's your favorite thing to make at home?

Anything with pasta! One of my favorites is a parmesan crusted chicken with lemon butter cream sauce. It's not the healthiest but it is SO good!

What's your favorite piece of Made In?

I love the sauté pan because of its versatility in the kitchen. I also LOVE making eggs in my non stick.

Best piece of advice for at home chefs?

If you don't feel comfortable in the kitchen yet, stick with what you know. Get to know your cookware, your stovetop, and your oven with foods you are already familiar with before you branch out. Once you feel confident you know your tools, start trying new things! I'm convinced I haven't tasted my favorite food yet, because there are SO many foods I still haven't tried!

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