Behind The Design: American-Made Cast Iron

By Team Made In
Aug 30, 2021
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When we set out to make our cast iron pieces, we knew they had to be made in the USA. Working with our factory in Indiana meant we could exact every detail on our pieces. They made their molds in house and exacted them to our precise specifications. We’re beyond excited to bring you a Limited Edition Preseasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven and Braiser, and we think you should know a little bit about what went into making them.

Cloud Lid

This is our favorite part of both pieces and arguably the most essential. Unlike other dutch ovens or braisers, we designed ours with little nickel sized clouds, spread out all over the underbelly of the lid. This allows for steam to trap, but more importantly, ensures it doesn’t roll down the edges of the pan, but instead returns moisture to all areas of whatever you’re cooking, essentially basting your food.

Smoother Surface

One of the reasons we chose this factory was their attention to detail and the heritage that goes into their craftsmanship. Instead of making cast iron molds via green sand, which creates cavities, our factory uses a process called shell molding. Both processes use sand to create the molds, however, since our process uses a bonding resin as well, the end result is a smoother piece of cast iron cookware. Why does this matter? It makes our pieces much easier to clean, and food like steaks will release from them with ease. Oh and by the way, we pre-seasoned them for you, too.

Designed For Bread Baking

While in the braiser you can whip up bread pudding or coq au vin, our Dutch Oven has been specifically designed for baking bread. Our Dutch Oven has a capacity of over 5 quarts, a hefty weight of 15 pounds to retain heat, and a lid that nests into the oven to trap heat and steam. The end result is a great rise, beautiful browning, and perfectly crispy crust every time.