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The Essential Super Bowl Spread

Game day is just around the corner! Get in hosting shape with these top tips for pleasing a Super Bowl crowd.

There’s no party like a Super Bowl party. Not only is it suddenly acceptable to be glued to the television all afternoon, but you’re encouraged to gorge generously on the best bar-inspired fare. What’s not to love?

Well, if you’ve ever hosted a championship party before, you know there’s plenty of stress involved. From timing the preparation of your dishes to making sure all your guests’ preferences are met, making a Super Bowl spread is a lot of work. And if your team is in the top two? The stress is seriously compounded!

Be the hostess with the mostest

Luckily, your Made In buddies are here to walk you through the best tips for keeping a crowd grazing for hours. From fresh veggies and dips to chicken wings, nachos and other bite-size treats, we’ve got all the best ideas for filling up partygoers.

Stock the fridge, check your cable connection, and let’s get started!

How to Build the Best Super Bowl Spread

Start with the essentials

Before you dive into some of our top secret recipes, you should consider the various categories that should always be represented at a large party like the Super Bowl. Unlike a quiet dinner party with friends or a typical family dinner, a big get-together is bound to include people with various culinary tastes.

Some folks may be vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy sensitive or, quite simply, they may be on a diet. After all, we’re still in New Year’s resolution mode. So, your buffet should be stocked with lots of variety. Not to mention, it’s a ‘pickin’ party. Nobody wants to sit down for a formal ten-course meal.

No matter which dishes you decide to serve, try to cover each of these five categories:

  • Protein
  • Vegetables & Dip
  • Nachos
  • Hot & Hearty
  • Bite-size appetizers

Seem sort of random? While you can be as adventurous with your spread as you want, but we think covering these five areas is a surefire way to please a crowd. Let’s dig in

Recipes for a Winning Game Day Spread

1. Protein – MVP Chicken Wings from Esquire

Barbecue, buffalo, grilled, baked. Gosh, there’s so many ways to prepare these bite-sized beauties! Buffalo wings are a must-have at the Super Bowl. Since one of the teams represented this year hails from New England, we thought we’d go with a little coastal inspiration.

This Esquire recipe calls for garlic salt, Old Bay seasoning, cumin, Frank’s RedHot and a host of other spices. It’s a tasty—and interesting—spin on the usual smothered-in-sauce batch. So give it a try, and give us the breakdown after the game!

2. Vegetables and Dip – Really Good Veggie Dip from Inspired by Charm

Featuring sour cream, mayonnaise, minced onions, parsley, seasoned salt, Worcestershire, Frank’s RedHot and dried dill, this simple take on the oh-so-classic veggie dip is a breath of fresh air. Guests enjoy a hearty dunk for their carrots, celery, tomatoes and green peppers, all while satisfying the vegetarians in attendance.

For your veggie selection, embrace color. In addition to the varieties listed above, be sure to include cherry or grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, snap peas, and broccoli.

3. Nachos – Super Bowl Chicken & Black Bean Nachos from Food52

While protein has the crowd energized up until half time, you’ll need some carb-a-licious chips to keep them fully satisfied into overtime. With shredded chicken, pico de gallo, avocado, yummy cheddar, mozzarella and pepper jack cheese, this recipe is everything you want to dip and more. You could certainly jazz it up with further layers depending on your taste buds.

While guests will chow down no matter the presentation, we recommend a cool stadium inspired nacho spread like this one. The ultimate host gives their visitors more than food. They also supply a spread that’s totally Insta-worthy!

4. Hot & Hearty – Super Bowl Chili from Good Housekeeping


Bring on the meat—and the ‘set it and forget it’ mentality! Remember: your game day experience is going to be stressful. You’ll be chopping veggies, making beer runs and greeting guests the entire time. That doesn’t include watching the actual game.

Planning a slow-cooker or stock pot meal is one way to make life easier. To provide contrast to your chicken dishes, we chose a version with stew beef and all the other usual suspects. In case they’re not feeling the nachos, grazers can grab a bowl and top it off at the ‘fixings’ bar with shredded cheese, scallions, olive slices and sour cream. Plus you don't have to worry about another serving dish. 

5. Bite-Size Appetizers – Deviled Egg Footballs from Hungry Happenings

To finish off your fantastic spread, select a few bite-size appetizers folks can grab and go. Instead of making up a messy plate and missing multiple drives, they can pick a snack, toss it back, and be on their merry way. Our featured recipe is a playful take on the usual deviled egg. Best of all, its packed with protein and eats easily in one bite.

We found plenty of other mouthwatering ideas you can make using your Made In cookware. From mini chicken and waffles to fried goat cheese balls to bacon bites flambé and Cajun shrimp guacamole bites, the possibilities are endless.

Have your winning combination? Here at Made In, we’re cheering you on!


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