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Do I need to season my nonstick cookware?

"Seasoning" your nonstick frying pan means applying a thin layer of oil (usually a vegetable oil or other shortening) in order to fill small pores in the surface coating and prevent food from sticking.  A properly seasoned nonstick surface can help reduce the need for any fats, so we're on board! 

Nonstick is designed with this in mind. Although none of our nonstick fry pans require seasoning, it can help the longevity and effectiveness of the surface.

Seasoning the nonstick can ensure there are no uneven spots on your coating as you continue to use it.  It's a good exercise to do, especially if you are familiar with the process from cast iron.

If you want to season your pan:  

  1. First, wash your non-stick cookware after taking it out of the packaging to get any factory residue off
  2. Once washed, season it lightly by lightly rubbing vegetable or canola oil (not olive oil) onto the nonstick surface
  3. Heat the pan over medium heat on a burner for about 1-2 minutes. You can also put it in the oven at 300 degrees F for about 20 minutes (yes, our nonstick is oven safe and can be used at temperatures below 500 degrees)
  4. Once the oil cools and dries, wipe any excess oil from the pan with a paper towel and you are good to go
  5. Our surfaces require just a quick sponge out to wash them, however you can repeat this process every once and a while, especially if you decide to put the nonstick in the dishwasher. 

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