Recipe: Risotto from Chef Ian Thurwachter of Intero

Here's a recipe for Risotto from Chef Ian Thurwachter of Intero that can be made with a Made In Saucepan or Saute Pan!

Native Austinite Ian Thurwachter is the Executive Chef & Co-Owner of Intero restaurant. His initial interest in cooking began at an early age while watching food shows on PBS and learning alongside his dad as he taught himself to cook for the family. Following his career as a chef for several of Austin's top institutions including Jeffrey’s and Vespaio, Ian developed his passion for Italian techniques and sensibilities in using regional ingredients before opening Intero with his wife and partner, chocolatier/pastry chef Krystal Craig, in 2018. Ian has continued to earn multiple local accolades, and in 2019 Intero was ranked as the 5th Best Restaurant in Texas by Texas Monthly (and additionally it has been named as one of the best restaurants in the last three years). Ian's focus on the Italian concept of cooking naturally offers a creative and sustainable approach in that he utilizes locally raised and grown whole animals and produce to create his dishes.

chef ian thurwachter risotto


Serves: 2


1 cup carnaroli rice

32 oz chicken stock

½ yellow onion, small dice

½ oz olive oil

1 bay leaf

½ cup dry white wine

2 oz butter

3 oz parmesan, grated

Salt to taste


Put your Saucepan or Saute Pan on med/low heat. Add olive oil, onions, bay leaf, & a pinch salt. Cook, stirring occasionally until onions are tender.

Add the rice and stir until the rice is hot to the touch and the individual grains of rice are translucent around the edges.

Add the white wine and turn the heat up to medium. Once the wine has been completely absorbed, add ¾ of the stock. Season to taste. Cook at a rapid simmer until the stock has been absorbed.

Add the remaining stock, cheese, & butter. Stir vigorously until the cheese and butter are completely melted and the mixture has thickened slightly.

To Serve

Spoon the finished risotto onto 2 plates and finish with desired vegetables.

Check out this video we made with Chef Ian in which he prepares this very dish!

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