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On our bookshelf: ACID TRIP by Michael Harlan Turkell

Has your new found love of vinegar reached a fever (read: fermentation) pitch?

If so, Acid Trip: Travels In The World Of Vinegar by Michael Harlan Turkel is
up your alley.

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Need more to convince you that this is the book for you? Here's the scoop: 

"There’s an unsung hero that creates balance and flavor in condiments, in baking, in braising, in cocktails and other drinks: vinegar. While plenty has been made of its health benefits and its role in pickling, vinegar’s culinary powers have long been glossed over—confounding considering its centuries of use in nearly every cuisine around the world. Here to correct that oversight is Acid Trip,  a richly narrated travelogue and cookbook from photographer and food writer Michael Harlan Turkell.

Turkell became interested in vinegar after creating some seriously delicious beer vinegar by accident. After a few years of making vinegar intentionally, he embarked on an obsessive journey throughout North America, France, Italy, Austria, and Japan to learn about vinegar in places where the art has evolved over centuries. In Acid Trip, he chronicles tasting wine vinegars in Orléans, France; visiting the birthplace of true balsamic vinegar in Emilia-Romagna, Italy (and investigating its imitators); finding his vinegar-maker idol in Vienna, Austria; and meeting the vinegar sommelier who established a culture of drinking vinegars in Japan.

Along the way he picks up recipes from all the master chefs, including Daniel Boulud, Barbara Lynch, Michael Anthony, Massimo Bottura, April Bloomfield, and many more. These recipes range from simple to sophisticated and highlight the versatility of vinegar—from Fried Egg with a Spoonful of Vinegar to Sweet-and-Sour Peppers with Rare Seared Tuna Steak, Balsamic Barbecued Ribs, Poulet au Vinaigre, Tomato Tarragon Shrub, and even Vinegar Pie.
Turkell also details methods for making vinegars at home with bases as varied as wine, rice, apple cider, and honey.

Featuring lush color photographs by the author, Acid Trip is a captivating story of an obsession and an indispensable reference for any food lover who aspires to make and cook with the best ingredients.

About the Author: abMichael Harlan Turkell is an award-winning photographer and cookbook author. He has photographed many prominent chefs’ cookbooks and hosts The Food Seen podcast on Heritage Radio Network. He lives in Brooklyn, New York."


Thank you to Michael Harlan Turkell and Abram's Books!

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