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The Made In Team's Made In Gift Guide

If you still have holiday gifts to buy, the Made In team is here to help you out!

We had all 15 Made In employees talk about the Made In cookware they'll be gifting to friends and family this holiday season. Because who better to recommend you Made In products than the team that brings them to life?

amanda holding blue carbon steel made in roasting pan

Amanda Alvizo, Head of Customer Service

I'll be gifting the Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan because it makes killer one-pan meals and cleans up super easily. Added bonus — it gets better every time you use it. 

mylynn holding made in universal frying pan lid

Mylynn Vong, Marketing Intern

I’ll be gifting the Frying Pan Universal Lid this year because it’s my Marie Kondo solution to a drawer full of lids. 

matt holding made in blue carbon steel wok

Matt Gunderson, Vice President of Finance

I'll be gifting the Blue Carbon Steel Wok because I think it's one of the most under-used yet versatile pans in the kitchen. It's a permanent fixture on my stove.

jared holding blue carbon steel made in wok

Jared Borislow, Content Marketing Manager

I’ll be gifting the versatile Blue Carbon Steel Wok because it allows me to gift a stir fryer, deep fryer, braiser, steamer, and more all at once!

paige holding made in stainless clad saute pan

Paige Smith, Social Media + Community Manager

The pan I’ll be gracing my family and friends with this holiday season is the Stainless Clad Saute. It’s versatile, has high walls for finishing pastas and frying, is great for one-pot meals, and also makes a beautiful serving dish!

sean holding made in blue carbon steel frying pan

Sean Hong, Junior Creative Director

I’ll be gifting the 12" Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan because you can slowly build character in the pan, get a nice patina, and develop a non-stick seasoning all from scratch.

jake holding the made in wooden spoon

Jake Kalick, Co-Founder & President

The Wooden Spoon, because, obviously.

heidi holding made in non stick frying pan

Heidi Hicks, Accounting Manager

I’ll be gifting the 12” Gold Non Stick Frying Pan. It gives a fun pop of color for the holiday stove top.

chip holding the made in butcher block

Chip Malt, Co-Founder & CEO

I'll be gifting the Butcher Block because I think it’s the most underrated thing in my kitchen.

allison holding made in pot universal lid

Allison Conroy, Head of Marketing

I’ll be gifting the Stainless Clad 8 QT Stock Pot and Pot Universal Lid. I love making popcorn in our 8 QT Stock Pot — it tastes so much better than what you get from a bag. Combine the Stock Pot with our Pot Universal Lid, popcorn kernels, and some seasoning salts and you have a unique (and practical) gift for the popcorn lover in your life.

jeffrey holding a made in non stick frying pan

Jeffrey Nguyen, Junior Art Director

I'll be gifting the 10" Harbour Blue Non Stick Frying Pan because it doesn't take up much space, is great for whipping up quick meals, and is super easy to clean.

chad holding made in blue carbon steel roasting pan

Chad Brinton, Vice President of Operations

I’ll be gifting the Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan this holiday season. It’s such a unique piece, from its birth as a product that Grant Achatz and Tom Colicchio both helped design to the fact that we will only be carrying it through the holidays. The Roasting Rack serves as a nice addition for year-round use.

nicole holding a made in blue carbon steel frying pan

Nicole Schumann, Director of Performance Marketing

I’ll be gifting the 10" Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan because it’s everything I love about cast iron, but so much better. I love to roast delicious, crispy potatoes in mine.

jenna holding made in stainless clad saucier

Jenna Seco, Hospitality and Partnership Lead

I'll be gifting the Stainless Clad Saucier because it's the most versatile pan I own. I love the rounded edges for risottos, caramel, and anything I need to worry about burning. It's great for sauces, reheating foods, etc. The curved lip on the pan is perfect for pouring without having to worry about anything dripping. 

donald holding made in 8 inch chef knives

Donald Smolik, Director of Lifecycle Marketing

I’ll be gifting the 8” Chef Knife because having a reliable knife is something that is often overlooked by home cooks. Our fully-forged chef knife is sized perfectly, stays razor-sharp, and can tackle any and all prep tasks with ease. You really don’t know the difference a quality kitchen knife makes until you have one.

Happy gifting!

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