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Happy Thanksgiving From Made In

Thanksgiving is here, and the Made In team is celebrating the only way we know how: cooking! 

Having grown up with different traditions, we all have different opinions of what constitutes the perfect Thanksgiving menu and the best dishes to make and share. Because we've spent the last week (read: month) telling each other about our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, we thought it was time to share with you.

Made In's Favorites

Jake, Co-Founder 

I'm a fan of the backup turkey breast. Always keep an extra turkey breast to cook separately and later on, so I can eat it with leftovers (dry leftover turkey isn’t my thing!). My family is pretty traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving, so this is a chance to get funky with it (wrap it in bacon?!)

turkey wrapped in bacon


Paige, Social Media + Community Manager 

It isn’t Thanksgiving without the classic dish, sweet potato casserole. As simple as it may be, it makes the entire feast with it’s sweet and savory flavors! This sweet potato casserole recipe is awesome - just add marshmallows if you’re into that, but who isn’t!?

Sweet Potato


Amanda, Head of Customer Service 

My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the dressing. My mom makes the BEST dressing! We also always make Watergate Salad, which started with my Memaw long before I was born. My husband laughs every single year that we call it "salad" and eat it with the main course instead of as a dessert, but I don't see him laughing while he's piling up on his plate next to his turkey!


Sean, Art Director 

I wait all year-long not only to eat the massive portions of traditional turkey, ham, taters, and gravy that my fam prepares but specifically the sticky rice that my great aunt prepares just once maybe twice a year; it includes extremely tender pork, fresh peanuts, and juicy mushrooms. We wrap it all up in banana leaves for extra flavor.

Banana leaves


Allison, Head of Marketing  

I love pie, and Thanksgiving is the unofficial pie holiday at my house. I typically celebrate Thanksgiving with my immediate family, which is only four people, but we end up with at least four pies. Blueberry, Pumpkin, Apple, and Pecan! You can't go wrong with too much pie, especially Blueberry. It's great for breakfast the next day.

Blueberry pie


Chip, Co-Founder 

When my family stopped being boring and started adding jalapeño to spice up the stuffing and harissa to the sweet potatoes, Thanksgiving got a lot more interesting.


Whatever you make and enjoy, we hope you enjoy cooking this Thanksgiving! 

-Made In 

made in cookware

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