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17 Gift Ideas for Cooks Looking to Upgrade Their Kitchens

Need gift ideas for cooks in your life? We've got you covered.

Made In doesn’t just exist to make your life easier as a home cook — we’re also here to make gifting a breeze! With an incredibly diverse selection of cooking gifts, you’re sure to find some gift ideas for cooks (and aspiring cooks!) that your gift recipients will fall in love with. The hardest part will be resisting the urge to buy one of each gift for yourself as well (which, of course, we’d wholeheartedly support).

To ease the gifting process, we’ve compiled the following five curated gift guides with hopes that they’ll cover a large portion of your future cooking gift recipients. Without further ado, here are our gift recommendations for...

The Cheese Connoisseur

The Queso Queen. The Fondue Fanatic. The Muenster Monster. Everyone has those friends whose lives seemingly revolve around glorious, glorious cheese. As everyone knows, cheese is only as good as the cutting board upon which it is cut and the blade used to slice it. That’s why we recommend you gift the cheese connoisseurs in your life our American-made Butcher Block along with our fully-forged Knife Pair. The reverse side of our Butcher Block is designed to be a perfect cheese board, our Paring Knife slices cheese with ease and was named Best Paring Knife by Rachael Ray Every Day, and our Utility Knife is incredible at slicing bread for charcuterie board crostini.

Of course, this section wouldn’t be complete without talk of cookware for arguably the most popular type of cheese: MELTY! Our Stainless Clad Saucier is specially designed with rounded edges to prevent burning within your parmesan and cream cheese-based sauces and dips. Our Stainless Clad Frying Pans are the most even-heating frying pans your gift recipient will ever cook with, meaning the most beautifully golden grilled cheeses they’ll ever lay eyes upon. Finally, our Stainless Clad Stock Pots can boil perfectly al dente pasta every time, which means mac and cheese for days, weeks, and years!

gifts for hosting

The Host(ess)

Have a home chef who does the lion’s share of the hosting in your family or friend group because they love entertaining so much? Then look no further than these kitchen gifts:

Stainless Clad Saute Pan - With walls high enough for medium-batch sauces and low enough to not trap in moisture during the saute process, our Saute Pan is a stainless steel do-all piece of cookware.

The Contra Kit - Give them a reason to host and a menu to do it with! Our partnership with NYC’s Michelin-starred Contra produced this meal kit that contains hard-to-find shelf-stable ingredients, recipes that use those ingredients, and a 12” Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan to use with the recipes.

Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan - Our Roasting Pan is every host’s dream. Capable of serving as a roasting pan (obviously), deep-fryer, griddle, and more, its versatility makes it the ultimate piece of utility cookware for the cook who thinks they have everything but doesn’t (because they don’t have our Roasting Pan).

The Outdoors(wo)man

Minimalism is the name of the game when it comes to gifting for outdoorsy folk. It’s not easy nor logical to bring a sous vide, Instant Pot, or some other kitchen gadget with you into the wilderness because… duh. Outdoors(wo)men want gifts that have incredible bulk to utility ratios, and Made In has them!

First off, there’s our Knife Kit. This knife set comes with all three of our knives plus our Butcher Block for easy live fire cooking prep in the comfort of the great outdoors. Second, there’s our 10" Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, which has all the great qualities of a cast iron skillet with wayyy less heaviness to it. Same goes for our Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan + Rack, which will allow your camper friends to create kitchen-quality breakfasts (it’s a great griddle!), birds, and more — all while under a beautiful, starry sky.

The Carb Monster

The gluten lovers in your life probably already have a stand mixer and rolling pin, so here are some other kitchen gifts to warm their carb-loving hearts:

Stainless Clad Stock Pot - Perfect for proofing dough or boiling up weekly (read: daily (read: hourly)) pots of pasta, matzah ball soup, dumplings, and more.

Blue Carbon Steel Wok - Ever fried in a carbon steel wok? It allows home cooks to use less oil for the same oil depth, flip floaty fry items with ease, and fry in larger batches than a Dutch oven typically allows for.

Stainless Clad Saucepan - There’s nothing sadder than naked pasta with sauce sloppily drizzled on top. Our saucepan is the ideal vessel for finishing pastas and making sure those sauces get into every noodle nook and cranny.

gifts for healthy people

The Health Nut

Healthy eating is more than just a diet — it’s a lifestyle. That’s why health nuts oftentimes tend to hold their kitchen tools and appliances to a higher standard than others before giving them a spot in their pots & pans drawer or on their kitchen counter. Lucky for you, our kitchen tools will definitely live up to the high standards of the health nut in your life. Our Stainless Clad Non Stick Frying Pans allow for more precise control of calorie intake because one can use less oil and still have their veggies and proteins gliding around the pan with ease. Pair them with our Frying Pan Universal Lid so your recipient can incorporate more steam into their cooking, allowing for tender, nutrient-rich veggies. And finally, there’s our Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan, which is arguably the greatest one-pan healthy meal prep tool in existence today. With Made In, one doesn’t have to sacrifice the quality of their food to improve their diet.

No food lover in your life will ever be disappointed when a great gift from Made In is wrapped up and has their name on it. Want more gifting options? Check out Made In’s entire collection! Want to figure out what to gift yourself? Take our "Build Your Kitchen" quiz!

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