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Could You Eat Like Tom Brady?

How does Tom Brady manage to age in reverse? His diet principles, of course. 

Tom Brady is 41 years old.
That’s right. Not only is the New England Patriots quarterback at the top of his game. He’s also 15 years older than the average player in the league. So, what are his top secrets? Beyond the routine exercise, Brady is totally committed to eating "the right" food. 
Photo credit: Dose Juice, Unsplash

Want to eat like Brady? First, hit the books.

Tom Brady published his own exercise and diet book in 2017 called The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. While experts say his ‘secrets’ are a bunch of nonsense, we say the man is doing something right.

So, let’s take a look at the magical unicorn that is Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. We’ll unwrap the foods he eats, the stuff that doesn’t make the cut, as well as a few realistic recipes you can try in hopes of channeling your inner Tom.

What are the core principles of Tom Brady’s diet?

When it comes to food, Brady is all about the ‘real.’ That is, every ingredient is uber healthful, and of course, consumed in extreme moderation. Sure, the average eater would have a hard time sticking to the script. But everyone is capable of taking loose inspiration from his regime.

One of Brady’s home chefs claims that his diet is comprised of about 80% veggies and 20% chicken, organic steak, salmon and other very lean proteins. And everything is grass fed, organic, all the way.

So, what are some general tips for following his diet?

  1. Stock up on vegetables – Organic green beans, carrots, broccoli, avocado and cucumbers are all welcome
  2. Say no to nightshades – Skip the tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and peppers
  3. Cut out sugar – You knew this was coming. Sorry!
  4. Skip the Starbucks – Coffee and other caffeinated drinks are a big no-no in the Brady household
  5. Stick to lean meats and grains – Most are fine, but go with brown rice and beans
  6. Pour away the EVOO – Drizzle it on raw, but do not cook food in oil

What does Tom Brady eat?

Such an elusive question, and yet, so easy to answer. Let’s break this down by meal:


In the morning, Tom takes on the day by hydrating to the extreme. In addition to his usual water and electrolytes, Brady enjoys a liquefied breakfast.

Smoothies made of berries, nuts, seeds and other nutritious ingredients are what’s on the menu. He also complements his morning workout with tons of water and a protein shake.

Recommended ‘real person’ recipe: Blueberry Banana Smoothie from Feel Good Foodie


It’s slim picking at the New England cafeteria. While we’re chowing down on burgers and fries in our cubicles, Brady enjoys a plate of veggies with a lean piece of fish or chicken.

While his handlers probably switch it up day to day, one rule stays in place: no carbs allowed. Apparently, eating bread or potatoes is against Tom’s alkaline rule. Anything acidic must go, while ‘alkalizing’ ingredients like greens or sprouts are piled on high.

Recommended ‘real person’ recipe: One-Pan Lemon Herb Salmon & Veggies from Tasty

Midday Snack

If his endless supply of water or protein shakes aren’t enough, he chows down on fruit.

According to TB12, you should eat fruit—apples, grapes, bananas—by themselves. When mixed with other kinds of foods, fruit is rough on the gut.

Recommended ‘real person’ recipe: Real Fruit Protein Bars from Men’s Journal


It’s a veritable veggie overhaul! Like before, the bulk of Tom’s tantalizing dinnertime menu is made up of the freshest, most organic vegetables available. His book also reinforces the need for lean meats like chicken, fish and grass-fed steak.

Can the Pat’s quarterback eat pasta? Well, kind of. Instead of the usual stuff, you’ll find alternative noodles made of brown rice flour, which can be widely found in grocery stores these days.

Recommended ‘real person’ recipe: Best Ground Chicken Burgers from Salt & Lavender


Brady is pretty adamant: nothing to see here! But lest we forget his infamous avocado ice cream. Bloggers had a field day with this a few years back, and it proves even the world’s finest need to indulge. Why not give it a try?

Recommended recipe: Tom Brady’s Avocado Ice Cream from

The menu’s sort of scant. But did you get some good Super Bowl inspiration? Come back to Made In for more!

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  • Linda L. Nehls

    Why does he avoid acidic. Apple cider vinegar is healthy.

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