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Breakfast In Bed Done Right

If you're celebrating an anniversary, Valentines' day, surprising your spouse on his or her birthday, or pampering your significant other with Four Seasons-like service just because, breakfast in bed is a great (and easy) way to start the day. It makes them feel special from the moment they wake up and it allows you to beat the brunch crowd from the comfort of your bed. Not everyone loves the simple Irish breakfast of eggs and sausage, so here are a few crowd-pleasers and inventive ideas to kick things off. 

Five Go-To Breakfast In Bed Meals

Photo: Alison Marsa, Unsplash

Eggs, Bacon and Home Fries 

With this breakfast, traditional is anything but time-worn. This classic combination is a good option for a spontaneous breakfast in bed because it combines ingredients found in most kitchens: eggs, potatoes, bacon and standard seasonings. To enjoy this meal in bed and avoid the mess of drippy, runny egg yolks, scramble your eggs or cook eggs over-hard in a stainless steel skillet.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes 

This sweet breakfast is a favorite of kids, adults, and adults that act like kids. Serve chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, chocolate sauce, whipped cream or sliced bananas and peanut butter. If you don't have chocolate chips on hand or prefer another flavor, mix fresh berries into the batter instead. Achieve effortless pancake flips using a non stick frying pan and wide spatula.

Steel Cut Oats and Apples 

Boil a sauce pan of steel cut oats, cinnamon, and sliced apples. Not only is this easy breakfast mess-free, it also warms from the inside out with a combination of flavors, vitamins, and healthy whole grains.

Egg and Avocado Toast 

This well-rounded breakfast is quick to make before your loved ones wake up. It not only tastes great but contains lots of healthy fats in the avocado, too. The only drawback to this tasty breakfast is the crumbs-in-the-blankets factor.

Breakfast Casserole

 The best thing about this breakfast casserole is that you can prepare it the night before your breakfast in bed. Simply pop it in the oven about 45 minutes before you’re ready to enjoy it.

Five New Ideas for Breakfast In Bed

Photo: Eaters Collective, Unsplash 

Berry Parfait

Enjoy spoonfuls of sweet berries and creamy custard with this perfect breakfast in bed parfait recipe. Served in parfait cups (or any sort of cups you have on hand), these parfaits can be prepared and chilled the night before or whipped up first thing in the morning, and they won't make a mess of your sheets.

Miniature Ham and Egg Casseroles 

A fun take on a larger casserole, these miniature breakfast casseroles bake into individual servings in a muffin tin – perfect for a petite breakfast in bed.

Chocolate Buckwheat Waffles 

Waffle recipe takes the breakfast of traditional waffles or chocolate chip pancakes a step further with buckwheat, berries and freshly whipped cream. Although a fair bit of mixing goes into this scratch recipe, the batter can be prepared the day before serving.

Broiled Grapefruit 

Instead of serving up a plain, sliced grapefruit, consider broiling or searing them in a stainless steel frying pan. The heat brings out the grapefruit's uniquely subtle sweetness. Plus, this dazzling citrus-based recipe features ginger zest and home-whipped maple cream. Crumb-free and eaten out of a bowl, it's perfect for bed.

Breakfast Pizza 

Don't serve your date last night's cold pizza. Make a heart-shaped and heart-warmed slice of breakfast love for breakfast. It looks impressive, and it serves up a little bit of everyone's favorites: pizza, bacon, and eggs.

Despite the ease of toast or cereal, breakfast in bed calls for creativity and decadence. We hope these recipes, both time-honored and new, make your next special occasion a little easier to execute.  

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