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Be the Host(ess) with the Most(ess) with These 5 Dinner Party Essentials

Along with hangovers, dad jokes and a love for quiet nights at home, a sure sign you’re getting older is your desire to host a dinner party. But, much like trying to decipher a Tweet full of abbreviations and acronyms, it’s easier said than done.

First thing’s first, you need to be able to fit a dining room table in your apartment. Then, if you’re lucky enough to have excess space, you need stuff to set that table…and cook food…and serve your guests. It’s all so overwhelming.

Don’t stress though. Below, we’ve rounded up five essentials for hosting a dinner party that will have your friends toasting to that adult life. You can thank us later.

dinner party

Photo from Burst


Pots and Pans

made in fry pan

Photo by Made In

You’re hosting a dinner party so logic would have it that you need cookware. To guarantee major props for your meal, turn to Made In’s debut collection, which includes heat-resistant handles and five-ply construction for even temperature. Manufactured entirely in the U.S., these pots and pans are free of the harmful, non-stick chemicals typically found in other cookware, and can go in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Grab the “The Core” kit in the stylish, brushed silver finish and you’ll be good to go.

Serving Platter

brooklyn slate co

Photo by Brooklyn Slate Co.

While you’re busy cooking the main event, your guests are going to need something to snack on. Buy some fancy cheese and crackers that don’t taste like cardboard, and arrange them on one of Brooklyn Slate’s trendy-as-hell cheese boards. Sourced from a quarry in upstate New York, these platters feature a distinctive natural surface and anti-slip padded feet, and even come with soapstone chalk for writing right on the board. You weren’t really going to trust your friends to distinguish between Roquefort and Camembert, were you?

Cocktail Glasses

cocktail glasses

Photo by CB2

Up your cool factor by designing a signature cocktail for your dinner party, then serving it in one of CB2’s retro coupe glasses. This modern take on the classic cocktail glass has a broad, full bowl to hold more liquid, and a shorter, more casual stem for easy drinking. It’s great for sparkling cocktails but can really work for anything, whether you feel like mastering the martini or mixing Manhattans. Just be sure to listen for the “clear-as-a-bell clink” when your friends cheers to you.

Dinnerware and Flatware


Photo by West Elm

If you’re going all out with cool cocktail glasses, you’re going to need stylish place settings to match. Enter West Elm’s collaboration with iconic New York home store Fishes Eddy, inspired by the dinnerware of “old hotels, roadside coffee shops and forgone diners.” The stoneware dishes feature metallic detailing, which goes perfectly with West Elm’s stainless steel flatware set in gold. Go ahead, Instagram that.

Candle Holders

candle sticks

Photo by CB2

OK, one last thing for the table. Everyone loves some good candlelight, so set the mood with CB2’s hand-blown Numi taper candleholders. Heat-tempered in the beaker glass of your chem lab days, these light-as-a-feather holders come in three styles so you can mix-and-match for a unique look. Best dinner party ever.

Article by Natalie Beauregard

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