My Perfect Food Day: Nashville, TN

Chef Julia Sullivan of Henrietta Red highlights some can’t-miss spots in the city she calls home.

Daniel Modlin|Dec 22, 2021

Nashville is a great city to visit and if you’re headed there soon, you should know where to eat, drink, and explore. Chef Julia Sullivan of

Henrietta Red

grew up there and knows the city like the back of her hand. So we asked her what she would do if it was her day off, she had a bottomless stomach, and could go absolutely anywhere in the city she calls home.

Photo Credit: East Park

“East Park has really good donuts, but I think today, I’d just get a black  coffee and one of their baguettes. They  make some baguettes with really nice soft scrambled eggs and avocados. There’s a nice little patio to sit out front, too, so I’d sit out there and enjoy my coffee and my breakfast sandwich to start my day.”

Photo Credit: Cafe Roze

“I’m normally a black coffee girl, but at Cafe Roze they have this Rose Latte with rose petals and it gives off this warm, floral aroma, and since I’m treating myself, I’d get that for sure, plus a blueberry scone. They have really great pastries.”

"I think one of my favorite parts of Nashville is all of the great nature we have around. So after breakfast I’d take a drive with my dog June and we’d go on a hike at Percy Warner Park. It’d be a nice way to get out into nature, and it’s so close to the city.”

Photo Credit: Arnold's

“After hiking, I’m about ready for lunch, and so I gotta go for the classic meat and three. Meat and three if you don’t know, is a classic in the southeast, cafeteria style where you get meat like roast beef or fried chicken, and three sides like pinto beans and mac & cheese and creamed corn. And then for dessert, I’m getting the hot pepper chocolate pie which is chocolate pie with a little kick to it.”

“After lunch, I’ll probably need to walk all of that off, so I’m headed to Germantown. There’s really great shops and it's just a great  place to walk around. It’s a great place to kill some time and work off everything I’ve eaten today.”

Photo Credit: Locust

“Locust is really an amazing spot for dinner. They take down whole hogs and make amazing dumplings, so I’m definitely going to get some of those. They are always pushing the boundaries and trying new things and I love it there.”

Photo Credit: Bastion

“What I love about Bastion is that you can start in the big bar. They have really great cocktails and they serve them with nachos. The restaurant itself is really tiny but they have an absolutely wonderful tasting menu.”

Photo Credit: Folk

“Next, I’m headed for pizza. There are a lot of good pizza places, but I think I’m headed to Folk. It’s Neapolitan style and they make a killer clam pie and  anchovy pie.”

Photo Credit: City House

“City House in my opinion has the best desserts in the city and it’s right next to my restaurant. So I’d for sure get her specialty which is kind of a Tennessee Layer Cake. And I’d finish it off with an amaro.”